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Are you on the quest of finding best feather pillow?

And Looking for a concise source that can help you get the best feather pillow that can fulfill all your comfort needs.

Feather pillows are a unique type of pillows that uses plumage of duck, swan, geese and other waterfowl. It had been one of classic pillow making staple for hundreds of years. The feather and down fillings are considerably more durable, conforming, and can provide more neck and head support in comparison to the traditional polyester or cotton pillows.

They are quite popular in the bedding market despite of the boom of synthetic fillings. They are affordable, easily available and high-quality pillows that had a strong representation in the home improvement industry.

We have compiled a listing of feather pillows that are top rated online. The writing also addresses each pillow on the basis of filling material used, quality of stitching, the softness, firmness, design of the outer shell, and many more features that are very important if you are looking for a comfortable, good value, and durable feather pillow.


Best Feather Pillow (Top Reviews) – Pros And Cons

1. Puredown Goose Down Pillow Set of 2 – Best Feather Pillow Overall

Our overall pick for the best feather pillow is based on multiple factors like; reasonable pricing, good reviews online, and the excellence that the product delivers.

The Puredown feather Pillow is a classic white pillow that is available in three sizes standard size, queen, and king. The pillow is made from 85% goose feather and 15% goose down filling. The feather fluff and softness give the pillow better sink and comfort as compare to standard polyester or foam pillows.

 It provides effective support to the neck, head, and shoulders. The pillow molds its shape when you rest your head on it.

The outer shell is made from 100% cotton fabric that is soft on touch and had double layered fabric design that is vital to avoid feather poking and pricking. It is also a good option for people who are suffering from neck or shoulder pain as it is a medium firm pillow.

The pillows are available in a pack of 2 and are vacuum packed and rolled in a PVC bag to secure them from dust. Let the pillows rest for 24 hours to allow them to recover its full size and allows the odor to dissipate.


  • Plush pillow with 85% goose feather and 15% goose down filling.
  • Double layered cotton fabric outer shell.
  • Available in 3 variants and 3 sizes.
  • Certified by Oxi-power as eco-friendly.


  • Some people suggested that it should be more supportive.
  • People claim that they had experienced strong odor after unpacking.

2. Puredown Gusseted Feather Pillow Set of 2 – Top Rated Feather Pillows

The pillows are stuffed with high quality stuffing with 95% goose feather and 5% goose down. It is an ideal pick for people that are looking for a medium support in a pillow.

Puredown Gusseted Feather Pillows are hypoallergenic with cored brown piping and double layered fabric style that help in providing a barrier to avoid prinking from feature. They are available in 3 sizes Standard, Queen, and King. These pillows offer luxurious comfort and are environmentally friendly by OXIPOWER.

Its design has a box stitched pattern that keep the feathers isolated and do not allow them to move within the pillow to crumble its original shape. The outer shell is extremely soft the down feel provided by the feathers make you feel like sleeping on a piece of cloud. Each pillow goes through an aggressive quality control that is why we get a high-quality product each and every time.


  • Made from premium stuffing.
  • Comes in 3 sizes.
  • The cover in very soft and breathable.
  • Medium firm and gives optimal neck and back support.


  • The pillow is less firm thus not for people looking for extra supportive pillows.
  • Consumer experience an irritating odor that take 24 hours to dissipate.

3. downluxe Feather Down Pillow Set of 2 – Best Feature Pillow Premium Quality

Feather down pillow by downluxe is a soft premium quality pillow that is well rated due to its sink and plush. The filling is made from high quality goose feathers and are stuffed in a JACQUARD quality cotton cover. They are available in King and Queen Sizes.

The cover is well ventilated, soft, and breathable making it well suited for all types of weather. The pillow is Hypo-allergenic and can be used by people having sensitivities. The pillow is well stitched and has reinforced seams making it more durable and longer lasting.

It has decorative piped edges and a double layered design that act as a barrier to avoid feather poking. The pillows are shipped in a compressed package and will take multiple hours to gain its original shape.

Downluxe Feather Down Pillow is machine washable. It is not recommended to use any hard agents or bleach for washing these pillows. Wash them and dry them under sun. Be sure that the pillow is well dry before use.


  • Premium feature pillow with ventilated design.
  • Stitched well to enhance durability.
  • Suitable for Side and back sleepers.
  • Shell is doubled layered to avoid feather poking.
  • Machine Washable and easy to maintain.
  • OEKO-TEX Standard certified.


  • Consumers reviewed as slight flat as the pillow is well stuffed with feathers.
  • Some consumers experienced irritating odor after unboxing, let it stay for few hours as the smell dissipates.

4. Continental Bedding 100% Goose Down Pillows – Most Luxurious Feather Pillow Online

Continental Bedding goose down pillow has an Egyptian cotton shell with 550 fill power that makes it extra soft and plushy. The pillow is our top pick for the best luxury feature pillow that is within reach.

It is filled with 26 ounces of white goose down stuffing. The shell is 100% Egyptian cotton with 400 thread count. The pillow is available in different packages, sizes and firmness levels, Queen Soft and King Soft being the most common.

The pillow is medium firm yet creates a puffy feel as you sleep on it. The soft fluff of the goose filling gives a unique feel that is medium warm and balanced soft in comparison to the pillows having synthetic filling.

Pillow is made from ultra clean goose down cluster making it hypoallergenic and the filing is woven in a tight cotton shell to avoid feather poking. The cover does not trap dust and the size of the pillow is ideal for all types of sleepers.


  • Most luxurious goose down pillow.
  • 100% Egyptian cotton shell with superior stitching.
  • Best Suitable for all types of sleepers.
  • Made in USA and RDS Certified.
  • Available in three sizes and different firmness levels.


  • The pillow is high priced as compared to the other feather pillows on this listing.
  • Some consumer review it to be too hard and less supportive.

5. East Coast Bedding Pillows Pack of 2 – Real Soft Geese Feather Bed Pillow

East Coast Bedding geese feather and down pillow is a cherry on the top when it comes to searching for the best feather pillow online. It is available in a set of two pillows at a very reasonable price.

The east coast feather pillow is a well-crafted, quality pillow that does not do any compromise of providing the best value possible.

The pillow is filled with 15% goose down stuffing that gives east coast an edge over other goose down pillows in the market. Other 85% stuffing is of well cleaned and refined European goose feathers that provides the necessary support and firmness to the head and neck.

It is made in USA and Responsible Down Standard Certified. East coast gives a 30 Night Comfort Guarantee.

The cover in made from natural cotton fiber having ultra-luxurious 300 thread count. The edges are well sewed, and shell has extra coating to prevent filling from leaking.


  • Best bargain in terms of luxury and affordability.
  • Composed of 15% goose down and 85% goose feathers.
  • It is well supportive still soft and comfortable.
  • Made in USA and Certified Animal Friendly by RDS Certified.
  • Comes with a 30 nights comfort guarantee.


  • Some consumer reviewed it to be overstuffed thus to tight and hard.
  • Consumer experiences slight pricks especially when they sleep on sides.

6. Puredown Ice Silk Fabric Goose Down Pillow (Set of 2) – Best Cooling Feather Pillow

The reviewed pillow has a unique feature, it’s really cool and ventilated. It uses ice sink cover that allow the pillow to stay cool and comfortable even in hot summer nights. Consumer give it a thumbs up and acknowledge that these pillows do deliver a soothing sensation and relaxing comfort as you sleep.

The is the bang for your buck as it is sold in a set of two pillows that are very well priced to fell in the budget of most of the buyers. It is available in king, queen and standard sizes.

The outer shell of the pillow is well stitched and has an elegant look. The cover is designed with a blue piping and inner stitching that keeps the feather filling isolated within the cover to avoid any sort of potential feather leakage or discomfort. The shell pattern and quality stitching make it durable and long lasting.

The pillow has a proportionate filling of 10% white goose down and 90% white goose feather. Goose down filling provides the soft and flush feel while well stuffed goose feathers gives required support to the head and neck.

You may discover an unpleasant odor after opening the vacuum-packed pillows that will dissipate within 24 hours. It takes 24 hours for the pillow to fully expand and get into its original size.


  • Goose down filling for enhanced softness.
  • Ice silk cover that is breathable and cool.
  • Available in king, queen and standard sizes.
  • Well stuffed goose feathers give extra support.
  • Cover is well stitched and secure with outer blue piping.


  • Some consumers reviewed it as poorly filled and uncomfortable.
  • Customer also added that the cooling feature works only without a pillow cover.


7. Globon Three Chambers Feather Pillow Set of two – Best Feather Pillow Extra Supportive

Globon feather Pillow is made with a completely unique three chamber design.

The white goose feather is used in the pillow that are surrounded by goose down filling to provide optimal softness and support. The core stitching is well sewed and can be seen as a feather proof lining to avoid feather leakage. The filling is secure in a layer made from soft microfiber that gives extra comfort.

It is a great deal for a buyer that is under budget and wants to get a feather pillow that has a high-quality filling proportion. The core stitching is well sewed and can be seen as a feather proof lining to avoid feather leakage. The filling is secure in a layer made from soft microfiber that gives extra comfort.

The upper shell is made from 460 Timer Control, blue color cotton fabric that is eye catching, soft and breathable. It is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.

Globon Three Chambers Feather Pillow gives a totally different feel and experience. Its chamber design solves overall consumer issues. Its 2-4cm core filling gives softness of a feather pillow, microfiber layer increase softness, and sateen cotton cover makes it well ventilated.

It is available in standard, queen, and king sizes having two colors i.e. Turquoise Blue or Simple White.


  • Uses 3-layer design for extra support and comfort.
  • Outer shell is made from sateen cotton.
  • The pillow is well ventilated and light.
  • OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.
  • Pillow is well suited for people with allergies.


  • A number of consumer review it as a bit firmer.
  • Some consumer said it feels like sleeping on a cushion.


8. JA COMFORTS Duck Feather Pillow set of 2 – Best Affordable feather Pillow online

People love to get the most value by spending the least amount of dollars. JA COMFORTS provides a set of two feather pillows that are affordable. It is the best economic choice if you are short of money.

Customers reviews it as they feel like hotel pillow as it is super soft and gives a luxury plush when you sleep on it.

 Pillow uses double line technology to prevent feather leakage as the time passes. It uses high-quality natural filling of 95% grey duck feathers and 5% grey duck down. The filling is put in a proportion to maintain a supportive feel and provide necessary comfort at the same time.

 The pillow has an inner core of feather fillings, above it is a layer of polyester fabric, and the cover is a double layered cotton shell. The overall construction of this pillow avoids skin irritation due to feather poking, gives an ideal support and comfort to the neck.

Two pack pillow set comes in standard, Queen, and King Sizes. They are made in USA and comes with a 30 days no reason trail period.


  • Most affordable feather pillows.
  • Feather pillow with 4-layer construction.
  • The outer shell is two-layer surface of cotton.
  • Made in USA, comes with 30 days trail period.
  • It is machine washable and easy to maintain.
  • Is very supportive and soft.


  • Some reviewed it as having flat sides and less staffing.
  • May experience slight odor out of box, let the pillow rest for 24 hours as its smell got lost.


Feather pillows have been a popular pillow types since forever. They are not down pillows as they use feathers or a combination of feathers and down filling in the ratio of 95:5. They provide the ultimate sleep luxury due to the fluff and softness that they are popular for.

The people who love to sleep on a feather pillow describe its feel as quite different as they are more stuffed and conforming than down pillows. They are easy to maintain, are typically machine washable, weighs less, and are great in terms of breathability. The well-ventilated cotton shell and properly stuffed core make them a great insulator and thus being an ideal choice for all seasons. A good quality feather pillow is not too stiff or hard, they are malleable that allow the pillow to adapt to the shape and form of your head when you sleep on them.

We feel great to get this review content available and give an idea on what are the best feather pillows that one can consider buying.

It had taken a lot of work and research to compile these listings and reviews. If you found it to be a useful piece of content do share it with others.

Tell us in the comment section, how was your experience after using a feather pillow and what do you think we should add in this blog to make it more valuable.

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