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If you are on a quest of finding calm and peaceful sleep and had no success till date? Best sleep mask deals with the unwanted light and it blesses you with complete blackout that enhances the natural production of melatonin in your body and let you fall asleep quick.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of 15 best sleeping mask that will help you achieve the quality of sleep that you are dreaming for all these years.

Do you know that exposing your eyes to light during night can disturb your sleep cycle, it prevents you from getting a healthy sleep at night?

To cope up with the issue, mask for sleeping plus sleep headphones is a killer combination for a good night sleep.

As for finding the best sleep headphones with noise cancellation you are more than welcome to read our blog on 10 Best Headphones for Sleeping.

First Read This

  • Before using, wash it with clean water.
  • Wash sleep mask with cold water with light soap Then naturally dry it, avoid wring dry.
  • Never wash it with heavy-duty cleansers or detergents.
  • Do not tear or pull it vigorously, and it can last for a long time under normal use.
  • Do not leave the mask with viscous skincare products, because they will smudge the mask.

15 Best Sleeping Mask of 2021 – Reviewed

No 1. Jersey Slumber 100% Silk, Best Silk Sleep Mask

Is light exposure affecting your sleep? Then you should surely consider Jersey Slumber’s 100% Silk, Best silk sleep mask that will never let you experience another sleepless night.

Jersey Slumber is a 100% Silk sleeping mask making it naturally breathable and relaxing. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable and an ideal choice for travelling. Its light blocking capability is pretty satisfying as it uses 100% mulberry silk.

It gives rub-minimizing comfort which mean that it puts minimal compression on your face, eyelids and eyelashes.

Jersey Slumber mask comes with a strap that can easily be adjusted to fit your face and is pain free. It is one of the highest rated silk sleeping mask on Amazon.

No 2. IMAK, Best Sleep Mask for Headache

Are you looking for a pain relief sleeping mask? You need help to cope up with problems like Headache, Migraine and Sinus Pain? Then you should surely consider IMAK mask for sleeping, the best sleep mask for pain relief.

IMAK Sleep Mask is build with the consent and recommendations of orthopedic surgeons to give best pain relief from migraine headaches, tension headaches, sinus pain and eyestrain. It is made from comfortable cotton lycra fabric along with massaging ergoBeads and eye mask pillow to provide a gentle massage feeling around the eyes. It open and breathable design reduces direct pressure on eyes and keep eyelashes from rubbing inside the mask.

The pillow eye cushions provide complete blackout making it perfect for falling asleep and staying asleep. It has an elastic strap that keep the mask stiff and avoid any sort of free movement. This mask is made from ventilated cotton that is comfortable to wear, feels gentle, and eliminate any risk of allergic reactions as it does not use natural rubber latex. For maximum pain relief it is recommended to place the eye pillow into freezer that provides cool relief without using ice or gel packs.

Please, do keep the mask in a plastic container to prevent it from absorbing any smell.

No 3. Mavogel Cotton, Most Comfortable Sleep Mask

Comfort is a key factor when it comes in choosing a good sleeping mask. Although all the masks are in some way comfortable but there are some that stand alone as the most comfortable sleep mask. Mavogel Cotton mask for sleeping is the most comfortable sleeping mask on this list.

After thorough assessment of consumer feedbacks, Mavogel had redesigned their mask. They updated the back sponge of the mask, for better light blocking. They made it much larger that is 7.6 inches in length and 3.8 inches in width. The elastic strap was also updated to make it a best fit for adults and kids.

Mavogel Cotton Sleeping Mask has a bending arbitrary cartilage strip for blocking light coming from the nose area. You can bend the strip to adjust with the shape of your nose. It has soft cotton triangle wings on the sides that puts minimum pressure on your eyes and stop the mask from moving. The mask has five layered design to provide the comfort that you have never experienced before.

No 4. Compact Technologies, Best Memory Foam Sleep Mask

Are you looking for a pressure-relieving softness and contouring sleep mask? When it comes to support and pressure relief memory foam technology hold its ground like no other. Let me introduce to you Compact technologies sleeping mask which is the best memory foam sleep mask with foam padding on both sides. It has a Velvet fit blackout design, that is best in terms of light isolation and pressure relief.

The mask has no pressure eye pockets for optimal comfort and plenty of space for the eyelids. The mask is designed with a nose contoured gap that provides complete light blockage even under the nose. It is super comfortable and does not exert painful pressure on your nose and eyes.

It uses soft sleep straps that are adjustable and has no metal or plastic clip that can poke in your head while sleeping. Memory Foam Sleeping Mask unlike regular thin sleep mask stays in place throughout the night.

Compact Technologies Sleep Mask has a soft cushioning feel to it and it effectively blocks any light that may interfere in your beauty sleep.

No 5. Bucky 40 Blinks, Best Designer Sleeping Mask

“A Thing of beauty is Joy Forever.”

Quote by John Keats

Are you the one who loves beautiful and eye pleasing patterns and want to buy a sleeping mask that is not just comfortable and beautiful as well? Take a look at Bucky 40 Blinks contoured and comfortable sleeping mask. It is our pick for the best designer sleep mask that you can buy online.

Bucky 40 Blinks, Best Designer Sleeping Mask comes in 35 different designs that are eye pleasing and makes it an ideal sleeping masks for women. The mask is made of 100% polyester skin and 100% polyurethane foam padding to give utmost comfort and blackout while sleeping.

One of the prominent features of Bucky 40 Blinks mask is that it contains the deepest orbital space that gives your eyes and eyes lashes freedom to move and won’t smudge makeup. The mask is ultralight due to the use of latex-free molded foam and is best option for sleeping on a train or on flight.

Due to its beautiful designs, it is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

No 6. JEFlex Natural Silk, Best Bargain Sleeping Mask

Affordability is a key factor in the modern world due to inflation and low income for most of the working class. That is the reason we have added JEFlex Natural Silk Sleep Mask which is the best cheap sleep mask and is a complete Bang for the buck. It is made up of 100% top quality natural silk that is light weight, soft, and comfortable. It is hypoallergenic and hand washable.

One thing to consider before buying this mask is that it is not contoured so people may feel some pressure around the eyes. It has an elastic strap that is adjustable.

The buckle on the strap is not well placed and may feel uncomfortable while sleeping in certain sleeping positions. It does a pretty good job in blocking light to improve sleep quality.

No 7. Dream Sleeper With Back Resting, Best Luxury Sleep Mask

Some of the members of our society wants the best experience and great comfort that can complement their extravagant living. When it comes to premium sleeping mask there is always a margin for improvement. Our pick for the best luxury sleep mask is Dream Sleeper’s mask for sleeping that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

The sleep mask is crafted with the most premium blue satin fabric that is very efficient for blocking light and gives a satisfying comfort. This sleep mask is a unique one it not only blocks light, but it also muffles around your ears to get rid of disturbing noises while sleeping.

Its light blocking and noise cancelling ability makes it an ideal choice to be used on a train or plane. The mask is appropriate for all type of sleepers, especially for side sleepers due to the silk padding that covers your ears and exert soft and comfy overall feel. The mask is fully adjustable, hand washable, and extremely breathable.

No 8. MZOO, Top Rated Mask for Sleeping

Most of the consumers are conscious buyers, they prefer products that have good user reviews and ratings. If you are one of them, then you should surely take a look at MZOO sleeping mask. This mask is the top-rated sleeping mask with 85% 5-star reviews.

It is the next generation of memory foam sleeping mask with 3D eye model design with plenty of space for free eye movement. It uses low rebound memory foam that is super soft and puts less pressure on your eyes, eyelashes and forehead. One of the prominent features of MZOO sleep eye mask is the soft adjustable buckle strap that don’t stuck in your hair.

The sleep mask naturally fits to your face. The nose bridge and the straps can be adjusted to the best position as per your comfort to block unwanted light, improve insomnia, and to get most out of the REM sleep every night.

MZOO sleep mask is hand washable. We advise you to wash the mask with cold water and gentle soap before using. Do not wash it with heavy-duty cleanser or detergent.

A good option for travelling and an intimate gift for your loved ones who are suffering from sleeplessness.

No 9. Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask, Best Sleep Mask for Travel

Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask gives you the seamless comfort and portability. Built from 15D rip-stop nylon that is s lightweight and durable fabric. The fabric is breathable and does not overheat even in the extremely hot weather. It is padded with soft cotton and won’t exert any pressure on your eyes while sleeping.

The mask uses an elastic strap that adjusts from 15.8inches to 27.6inches that makes it suitable for adults and children.

Lewis N. Clark sleeping mask does not use Velcro, so it won’t stuck in your hair. It provides complete light isolation. It can also be used as a daily driver sleeping mask and it works with CPAP masks. It is highly durable and hand washable. It is available in three colors i.e. black, blue, and gray. It is an Ideal pick if you are looking for the best sleep mask for traveling. It is lightweight, breathable and provide 100% light isolation.

No 10. Optix 55 Sleeping Mask, Best Sleep Mask for Dry Eyes

Many People have sensitive eyes and often use old wash rags to soothe eye irritation. If you are one of them, then use Optix 55 sleeping mask the best sleep mask for dry eyes.

The mask will give you instant relief from red eyes, dry eyes, and any type eye irritation. Hot compression is the way to relieve eye pain and discomfort. It provides a warm sensation on your eyes to give a smooth sense of relief through head therapy. The mask is easy to use, reusable, and hand washable. It comes with an elastic strap that easy adjust to your face size and is best for men, women, and kids. Elastic strap uses Velcro thus, it can stick in your hair if you have long hair.

For instant relief, just put the mask in the microwave for 20 seconds. Take the mask out and test the temperature. Do not overheat the mask. Best time is between 20 to 30 seconds. Close your eyes and wear the mask for up to 10 minutes or as suggested by the doctor and experience the instant relief.

The sleep mask does not support bacteria growth. It doesn’t dry out or develop odor after washing. Its optimal design uses Hydro Heat technology for long lasting heat for maximum healing. Optix 55 heated eye masks treats dry eyes, pink eye, MGD (Meibomian gland dysfunction), sinus pressure, styes, blepharitis and other eye conditions naturally. Trusted by experts and recommended by doctors and clinicians. It is available in two variants a One Eyed Mask and the Double Eye Mask.

No 11. Gravity Mask, Best Weighted Sleeping Mask

From the manufacturers of Gravity Weighted Blankets. We introduce you Gravity Weighted Sleeping Mask. The best weighted sleep mask that one can buy online.

It is a high end and expensive sleeping mask that provides relaxed sleeping experience. The weighted mask is designed with fleece fabric exterior and premium satin interior that gives excellent light isolation. The mask is stuffed with 100% polyester and silica beads for optimal relief and equal pressure distribution throughout the face.

As it is a weighted sleeping mask, the mask is built with a weight of 0.75 to 1lb that evenly distributes weight across the key pressure points. The mask comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that makes it fit for all.  It is hand washable. It can be used for stress reduction and anxiety relief as it uses deep touch pressure stimulation the same technology used by weighted blankets .

No 12. OriHea Eye Mask, Best Light Blocker Sleep Mask

Wish you can sleep better? You need OriHea Eye Mask for sleeping. OriHea Eye Mask are devoted in providing the most comfortable sleep mask for everyone that are in search of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

The mask uses patented nose bridge design making it best light blocker sleeping mask. It is contoured to relieve pressure on your eyes and its unique design will not mess up you eye makeup. The sleep mask in highly durable and innovative, uses memory foam that is soft and comfortable. Its uses smooth fabric that helps to release facial stress and falling sleep quickly.

It is perfect to cope up with migraine headaches and dry eye. Can enjoy the feel and comfort of OriHea Eye Mask at home, in a hotel or on a plane. The mask is contoured so it provides a pressure relief to the eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes.

The adjustable strap secures with Velcro and can get stuck in your hair. It is hand washable, do not wash it in a washing machine.

No 13. Sleep Master Deluxe, Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

Most of the sleep mask don’t give any padding on the sides that makes them uncomfortable for side sleepers. If you are a side sleeper and looking for a sleep mask that will lead you to the most comfortable sleep, then look no further. Take a look at Sleep Master Deluxe Sleeping Mask that is our pick for the best sleep mask for side sleepers.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask is a light weight and premium quality sleep mask that is perfect for all types of sleepers. Its side padding makes it even more appealing for the side sleepers. The mask is made from soft satin fabric that is very comfortable and breathable. The fabric is ventilated and keep the hot air out making it an ideal pick for hot sleepers.

The mask is flexible, durable and wide. It is wrapped around your head and uses Velcro strips to connect the both sides. Sleep Master Deluxe Sleeping Mask is made in USA. It doesn’t use latex. It is Hypoallergenic and Hand Washable. The deluxe version of this mask comes with earplugs storage pocket and a carry pouch.

No 14. Alaska Bear Breathable, Best Cooling Sleep Mask

Many people who are hot sleepers found it very difficult to find a best fit sleep mask that can help them stay cool and comfy at night. Alaska Bear is a sleep mask that is made from 100% Mulberry silk. The silk is placed on both sides of the mask to avoid irritation while sleeping.

Alaska Bear Breathable sleep mask is our pick for the best cooling sleep mask as it is super smooth, soft, and breathable. Natural fibers of silk allow the mask to ventilate cool air in and dry air out. It comes with an easy to adjust band that won’t stuck in your hair or gash with your pillow. The plastic adjuster stays at the back of your head, rather than your temple.

Alaska Bear sleep mask does a great job in preventing light leakage especially around the nose area. Its small and silique design make it compatible with CPAP machines. The mask is available in 13 styles, that are very attractive and eye pleasing.

No 15. TICLO’S Cooling Gel, Cooling Eye Mask for Sleeping

If you are looking for a gel infused sleep mask that can reduce puffy eyes and swelling by cooling your eyes. Then you should read about TICLO’S Gel Eye Mask.

TICLO’S Gel Eye Mask gives your eyes a vacation. It uses killing combination of gel beads and liquid gel for superior long-lasting cooling comfort. It provides a calm and relaxing sensation for far longer than any other sleep mask that uses only Gel beads or Liquid Gel. TICLO’S claims that this sleep mask in 2 times cooler than any other gel infused sleep mask that is available online.

It is made from super soft plush fabric that provides enjoyable and relaxing experience. TICLO’S Gel Eye Mask gives you best of both worlds. The Velcro Strap used is easily adjustable and allows you to fine tune the mask until it fits.

For optimal relief fridge the mask overnight or deep freeze it for two hours. Once the desired temperature is achieved, apply the mask on your face. The duel reversable design allows you to choose the cooling comfort you prefer.  The light blue side give you a medium cold feeling and dark blue or gel infused side provides much cooler sensation. The gel mask that is specially designed to adapt to your needs.

Best Sleep Mask of 2021 –Buyer’s Guide 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Sleep Mask

There are number of things a buyer should keep in his mind before buying a sleep mask.

We have noted all the key points to help buying the best sleep mask based on you needs and preferences.

  1. Sleep mask should be made from a soft and breathable material.
  2. It should possess an adjustable strap, so that it fits properly.
  3. It is better to have a sleeping mask with Convex eye cups that do not disturb your eyelashes.
  4. The sleep mask must have a portable and light weight design.
  5. Mask should be durable and hand washable.
  6. Should consider medical history (There are special sleep mask for people suffering from migraines, sinus problems, and other conditions.)

Benefits of using a Sleeping Masks

  • It is a low-cost solution to overcome sleeplessness.
  • They are lightweight and portable. ideal for travelling.
  • Most of the sleeping mask are easy to clean.
  • They all use customizable straps making it one fit for all.
  • Sleep mask are made from breathable material like cotton, silk or polyester fiber.

If you want to learn about sleep patterns and how you can improve your sleep patterns. Read our blog, 12 Tips How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule.

Hopefully, this blog had helped you in finding the best sleep mask as per your needs.

We have worked very hard in compiling these reviews and products.

If you like our content do share it with others.

Do tell us about your experience with the sleeping mask and ask us any questions that you have regarding best sleeping mask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a sleep mask?

Sleep mask is a lightweight and portable barrier that is placed on the eyes to create an environment of complete blackout during sleep. The sleep mask uses adjustable elastics bands that holds the mask in place as you sleep.

Do sleep masks work?

Sleep mask act as a blindfold and is a great way to improve the level of melatonin that your body produce. Melatonin is a natural hormone that control the human sleep cycle. The production of melatonin is improved in darkness.

What are the sleep mask benefits?

There are multiple benefits of using a sleep mask. The most important benefit is that sleep mask allows one to create a dark and comforting environment at the time of sleeping and eventually improves the quality of sleep. It also helps to snooze by providing a total black out in places where there is no control over lighting like; while travelling in bus, train or on an airplane.

How to clean sleep mask?

Most of the sleep mask are made from silk or cotton and are very lightweight, soft. Never machine wash them. Wash it with cold water by applying some soap and rub the mask gently with the figures then naturally dry the mask, avoid wring dry. Do not use heavy-duty cleanser.