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GhostBed's GhostPillow - Healthy Sleep Central

Main Features of Ghost Pillow

  • Available in queen size with 16”x24”x5.5” inches
  • The pillow weighs at 2.86 pounds
  • It has solid gel memory foam filling that is well ventilated
  • Has a cooling side that is layered with cooling gel.
  • The cover is made from 97% polyester, and 3% spandex.
  • Inner part of cover is 100% soft cotton.
  • Pillow gives some lavender smell that is dissipated after sometime.

GhostPillow from GhostBed is a memory foam pillow that is great in terms of breathability and ventilation. It has been reviewed as one of the best cooling pillows that money can buy.

If you have not heard about GhostBed, it is the sister company of Nature’s Sleep that has been serving in the US for decades. With long experience in the bedding industry and with a keen eye on consumer needs, GhostBed had become a precision in the realm of comfort while sleeping.

Here is a blog with a complete ghost pillow review. We will go through all the major features of this pillow. It will also discuss who should buy a ghost pillow and who avoid it.

Unboxing of Ghost Pillow

Ghost Pillow will arrive at your doorstep well packed in a cardboard box having Ghostbed Branding on it. The pillow is wrapped in a fabric protector that is wrapped around with a light piece of paper. As you open the box, you will see a thank you card along with the official warranty information.

Ghost Pillow Unboxing

The overall packing is a bit sturdy to open as the pillow is well fitted in the cardboard box. As you open the box the entire room gets filled with lavender fragrance. At first, I felt that the smell was coming from the garden but soon got the realization that it is from the pillow box.

The lavender smell is associated with calmness and is a great feature that a GhostPillow offers.

Build Quality and Construction

GhostPillow feel cool upon touch, it has a 3 layered body that does not include cover. First let’s discuss about the gel infused memory foam that act as the core of this pillow, this core supports the pillow and prevent it from falling apart. The ventilated gel memory foam gives a cooler affect when compare to the usual foam pillows. The open cells in the memory foam provides ample air circulation by channeling air in and out of the pillow itself.

Now, we come to the patented layer of phase-change thermo sensitive material that is designed to adjust with the room environment to keep the body temperature neutral throughout the night.

Lastly there is a thin mesh scrim below cover that provides additional softness and protection to the pillow, it has a net design with holes to regulate temperature.

As per GhostBed, the overall built and construction of the pillow are made to give adjustable support to the neck and head so that your spine stays aligned throughout the night. The ghost pillow is medium-firm, we can set it as a 5-firmness level on a scale of 10.

Regulates Temperature and Cooling Feature

Are you a person who sleeps hot and just hates the feel of hot flashes? Then GhostPillow can be a good choice for you. The pillow is muffled with Ghost Ice Fabric, a cover that keeps the moisture away as you sleep. However, the pillow also feels cool upon touch and gives a pleasant sensation as you place your head on it.

We recommend using a breathable cotton pillowcase with a ghost pillow, this will make the cooling sensation a bit gentler.

GhostPillow Cover

GhostPillow has an outer cover made from a mesh of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the material feels like a high stretchable fabric that is commonly used in sports clothing.

The fabric is breathable and does not let moisture ruin your night. The cover is removable with a zipper making it easy to care for and maintain, it is machine washable and should be dried under sunlight for better durability.

The fabric has the phase-changing ability that complements the gel-infused layer to provide an improved cooling sensation.

Supportive and Plush Feel

As a first look ghost pillow may seem like an ordinary piece of memory foam, but the difference comes when you place your head on it and sleep. The pillow is lightweight, ventilated, and well built, it has the best of all worlds. It has a fluffy feel to it, just try to squeeze it or apply pressure on it with the hands then you will know what it feels like.

The pillow is medium-sized with a 16 inches width, 23 inches length, and 6 inches height. The 6 inches loft makes it well responsive; it quickly regains its original shape once the pressure is removed. So, if you have a lean built body a thinner pillow may suits you more, and as for bulky people, a thicker pillow does the best most of the time.

You should choose a pillow as per your comfort needs; however, a GhostPillow has a medium thickness which is why this can accommodate a wide range of sleepers.

Best Sleep Positions

When it comes to comfort, certainly, the gel bead-infused memory foam and the 6 inches profile of the GhostPillow make it an option to consider for back and side sleepers. The pillow is responsive; however, it does not feel like you are being sunk deep into the pillow.

GhostPillow keeps the sleeper’s spine in proper alignment, for side sleepers which means that your nose should be in align with the spine, and for back sleepers should maintain a C curve in the neck as you sleep.

Best And Worst Sleep Position With A Pillow - Healthy Sleep Central

As for stomach sleepers, it is good to look for a thinner pillow so to maintain a straight posture as you are on your stomach.

GhostPillow, Eco-Friendly Pillow

GhostBed is pretty much concerned about the environment. The materials used in the making of GhostPillows are certified by CertiPUR-US as eco-friendly, this certification endorses that they are free from toxic chemicals, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, phthalates, and other heavy metals.

The GhostPillow is securely wrapped in plastic and is delivered fully expanded. Many users shared their unboxing as they immediately experience a pleasant off-grass smell, that fades of within 48 hours of unpacking.

After opening you will also feel a lavender smell that will refresh your surrounding that will dissipate after some time so no need to be concerned if you don’t like the smell.

Price Point and the best place to Buy GhostPillow

Ghostpillow can be considered a middle-tier pillow as it is priced at $85 online. Many pillows are well below $40 thus some people might consider GhostPillow slightly overpriced. That is somehow true, however we can also find pillows that are well over the $120 mark online.

Most of the well-established brands have their pillows priced in the range of $80 to $150. So, it is very important to see whether it is good to go for a less established brand and take a risk on your buy or go for a well-known brand like GhostBed to buy their premium gel-infused memory foam pillow the GhostPillow.

GhostPillow incorporates many unique features that make it a bit expensive, people had reviewed its temperature regulation technology as a great relief for people who suffer hot flashes and tend to sleep hot at night. So, if you sleep warm then a ghost pillow may seem a worthy choice for $85.

Who should Buy GhostPillow?

  • People who want to buy a medium firm foam pillow.
  • Sleeper that sleep hot at night and sweat a lot.
  • People who are back or side sleepers

Who should avoid GhostPillow?

  • People who like to sleep on plush cotton pillows.
  • The stomach sleepers

FAQs – Ghost Pillow Review

How can you clean the GhostPillow?

GhostPillow is very easy to wash and maintain, it has a machine washable cover. As per the washing instructions, it is advised to use warm water with light detergent and dry it under sunlight. Do not use the driers as they may not be gentle and can decrease the life of the pillow.

Is the memory foam used in GhostPillow feel supportive?

Most of GhostPillow is built with memory foam. The foam is responsive, it adjusts with your neck and head to give necessary support throughout the night.

Which sleep positions are best for GhostPillow?

The overall build and dimensions of the GhostPillow keep your spine align with the surface of the bed. The pillow is slightly on the higher side, it has a height of 6 Inches. The extra height makes it an ideal option for side and back sleepers.

What is the warranty and pricing that GhostPillow offers?

GhostPillow comes with a 5 years warranty span. They also offer a 101-night trial. You can get free shipping if you buy it from Amazon for a sum of $85. The warranty and night trial duration may vary from seller to seller. You can contact 1-855-855-4499, GhostBed customer support for details.

Final Thoughts – Ghost Pillow Review

Looking for a ventilated gel-infused memory foam pillow that is cool on touch? GhostPillow is an option to ponder upon. The pillow is well comfortable and viewed by its buyers as supportive on the neck and head.

At first, you will experience lavender fragrance from the pillow that may feel relaxing as you sleep. Moreover, if you don’t like the scent it will fade away within few days.

GhostPillows are on the pricey end, but by looking at the overall features that we have discussed in the ghost pillow review, one can consider it as a viable option.