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Do you live in a hot city? And had been a victim of frequent heat waves as the summer approaches?

It is a pain in the neck when it comes to sleeping on a hot summer night especially when the air conditioner is not working.

There is an optimal temperature that is best for sleeping and when the temperature goes above that it takes time to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get comfortable in the bed.

Not being able to sleep properly for a few days may result in drowsiness, fatigue, and exhaustion during the day. It is also important to note that getting less than 5 hours of quality sleep may also impact your productivity at the job.

So, it is extremely important to know some tips and tricks that can help you cope up with the extreme heat of a summer night.

1. Stay hydrated throughout the day

Drinking plenty of water during your routine to keep your body temperature low. The sense of thirst and dehydration may cause discomfort and headache. Lack of water intake may increase the temperature of your body, especially on a hot and humid summer day.

It is advised to drink a glass of water half an hour before going to bed as this will make your mouth wet and helps you to fall asleep faster. You can keep a water bottle beside your bed and drink some if you feel dehydrated in the middle of the night.

2. Do not eat a heavy meal before going to bed

Digestion is a process that keeps your metabolism active. Eating large and spicy meals just before bedtime may result in discomfort and a bloated stomach that can resist a good night’s sleep.

Eat something light like a banana, take some milk, or eat a small bowl of cereal if you are feeling hungry. It is also important to note that eating dinner 2 to 3 hours before bedtime is better. Do avoid spices and hot sauces especially at dinner.

3. Sleep in breathable clothes and use light cotton beddings

Heavy beddings are not at all suitable for hot summer nights as they store heat in them that is the reason, they keep you warm in a freezing winter season. It is best to remove heavy mattress protectors, thick blankets, and pillow cover that retain heat. Replace them with breathable cotton sheets and blankets to get better ventilation and airflow while laying down in the bed.

It is also recommended to sleep while wearing light cotton clothes to cope up with the exhaustion and heat burns of a hot summer night. Choose a cotton sleeveless shirt and light trousers or get breathable sleepwear to stay cool and comfy.

4. Sleep in a dark room on the floor

As the night gets dark the environment becomes hot and as the sun rises, sunlight coming from windows may increase the room temperature that is why it is the best option to sleep on the floor in a dark place where sunlight will not disturb your sleep.

5. Do soothing activities before going to bed

Before going to bed it is better to calm and wind down your body so that you can fall asleep faster and sleep better. Listen to soft relaxing music, wash your hands, wrist, feet, and face with cold water. Take a soothing bath with cold water. You can also use peppermint and menthol soap while taking a bath. They give a freezing sensation and are best to boost your metabolism and releases stress.

6. Create a cool and comfy sleeping environment

It is quite important to establish a well-suited sleeping environment on a hot summer night. It is practiced; dimming down the lights of the room an hour before you go to sleep. Put a curtain on the windows so that hot air cannot directly enter the room but do not close all the windows in the room as this might result in less ventilation.

Increase the speed on the ceiling fan and keep aside the fan facing towards the bed. Do not keep the fan very close to the bed, fix it in a place where it can throw air on the entire bed. You can also place a wet towel on the fan or take a towel, fill it with ice, and fix it in front of the fan to get continuous cool air as you sleep.

Sleep is one of the most essential parts of our routine and facing disturbed sleep hygiene can result in exhaustion. It is quite common to have a sleepless night on a hot and humid summer night. It is very important that you work on your sleep routine and sleeping environment that encourages you to get a better sleep even on a hot summer night.

Some extra tips are; get a spray bottle and put it beside the bed and whenever you wake up and feel hot. Spray the water on your face, hands, and feet, this is will keep you cool for the time being till you fall asleep again.

Use a gel-infused cooling pillow that is well ventilated. Keep an ice pack ready and place it on your head, neck, and arms so that your body temperature remains optimal for sleeping.

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